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Re: [Xen-devel] GRUB - File not found

On 29 Mar 2006, at 08:11, littlened wrote:

I installed CentOS 4.3 last night, and this morning I've installed the
bridge-utils and Xen.

I've modified the grub.conf file, but when I boot and try to select the Xen
option in Grub, I'm getting "error 15 file not found"

The file it seems to be refering to is kernel /boot/xen-3.0.gz

I've checked in the boot folder and the file is sitting there, so I can't
understand why I'm getting this error message.

If you have a /boot partition, the path references are relative to it, so you need to specify

/xen-3.0.gz  instead of /boot/xen-3.0.gz

The same is true for the other grub entries.


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