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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] build in SATA drivers to the -xen kernel for x86_64

This patch adds in the SATA drivers that are supported in the -xen0 kernel. 
Because the default behavior of xen is to reboot on a dom0 crash (i.e. not
finding root filesystem), and the xen0 kernel supported SATA directly, a
number of people (including myself) got caught by the switch over.

Long term, we probably want to modularize more of the kernel, and make
initrd building more of the default, however this should ease people's
transition from the -xen0 => -xen kernel for testing on x86_64.


Sean Dague
IBM Linux Technology Center                     email: japh@xxxxxxxxxx
Open Hypervisor Team                           alt: sldague@xxxxxxxxxx

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