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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] fix xauth to make fully-virtualized console always come up

In certain circumstances, the GUIs for fully-virtualized VMs do not come
up, because the Xauthority file cannot be found.  The attached patch
fixes the problem.


Currently,  xm & xend allow an XAUTHORITY to be specified in the config
file.  If that is not specified, then xm will pass the XAUTHORITY
environment variable back to xend instead.  This is not sufficient,
since it is possible that XAUTHORITY is not set at all.  This doesn't
cause a problem for most X apps, because xlib will use the fall-back of
$HOME/.Xauthority.  But the viewer is started from xend, which almost
certainly doesn't have a reasonable HOME variable.

The attached patch fixes this by always passing some value for
XAUTHORITY.  In order of preference, that value is:
1.  Use the value from the config file, if specified.
2.  Use the value from the XAUTHORITY env variable, if set.
3.  Use $HOME/.Xauthority, if HOME is set.
4.  Look up the user's home directory via getpwuid, and append

Signed-off-by: Charles Coffing <ccoffing@xxxxxxxxxx>

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