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Re: [Xen-devel] xendomains init script


>  Associated bug at Red Hat is
>  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=171056
Oh, if I had known the old version (completely different from the more
advanced current one) of the script already had the same problem, I had
searched there :)

> yes this is a problem, but I didn't tried the patch yet, I assume you tested
> it on FC5,
The patch works for xen 3.0.1 (and newer, possibly some older)
on all redhat-based distributions, as it simply moves the redhat check
before the LSB check (like Jonathan did for the older script).
Additionally it "fixes" the alias problem for possible other
distributions which also use aliases to build the LSB compatibility.

And yes: the patch applies cleanly when added for example as Patch13
(using -p1) to the FC5 xen SRPM, even though I intended it to be included
in the main xen distribution as I don't see any negative impacts - and it's
a bug in the script in the first place to assume no aliases are used for

For RedHat I'd independently suggest to follow 
and change the lsb-compatibility. Sure, LSB explicitly allows use of
aliases as the link in my original mail shows, so it is not really
a bug if you read the spec by the word, but IMHO it's still a bad
idea to do so :) Using functions like suggested in Bug 158183 and the
one linked above simply will result in less trouble also in possible
other cases.

(:ul8er, r@y
(oh my god, how much text for such a simple issue, sorry to all :)

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