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Re: [Xen-devel] mkpatches: against ref-linux or pristine? (Was: Error compiling with CONFIG_PROFILING (xenoprof))

On 10 Apr 2006, at 14:02, Michael Paesold wrote:

You are right, I also see no real value in having one xen patch + several extra patches to apply. It rather makes the process of patching more complicated. Although rpm helps me with the patching, I still have to manually review changes in patches/ everytime I rebase our own RPMs... resulting in this very thread. :-)

Does anyone see a use-case for not creating an all-in-one patch? On a second thought, a separate "make mkpatch" (or a more explicit target name) could provide an all-in-one patch without introducing transitioning problems for users of mkpatches.

Should I create a patch to implement that? (Seems rather trivial and suitable for my limited Makefile fu.)

Actually I just fixed it already. :-) I think there will be no complaints and, if that's the case, we can also backport to 3.0.2 series.

 -- Keir

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