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RE: [Xen-devel] dom0 issues with switching from X to console orstarting X

No - as said in the original description, we see this with solely running dom0. 

>>> "Dugger, Donald D" <donald.d.dugger@xxxxxxxxx> 01.06.06 00:57 >>>

If you are running fully virtualized guests then Jun Nakajima fixed a
problem that was put into the Xen unstable tree this morning that was
probably affecting you.  The page table entry for page 0 was getting
corrupted after the first fully virtualized guest ran, causing problems
for X.  I'd try the latest Xen unstable tree and see if that fixes your

Don Dugger
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>console orstarting X
>We are seeing a number of machines that (simply running dom0) 
>either fail to start X (for reasons other than the machine
>in native mode only working via the frame buffer driver) or 
>fail to switch from (or back to) X to one of the consoles.
>This normally looks like a hang, though at least in some cases 
>it's only X apparently sitting in an endless loop. From
>looking at data so far obtained from these systems this 
>appears to be an issue with accessing the video BIOS, in either
>not being to properly run this in vm86 mode (on 32 bits) or 
>under emulation (on 64 bits). Has anyone seen similar
>behavior and possibly knows more about this?
>Thanks, Jan
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