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Re: [Xen-devel] PCI code Xen 2 -> Xen 3


Thanks for your reply about the PCI changes in Xen 3.  Since Xen no longer
handles PCI devices, two questions come up for me.

Firstly, I assume that domain 0 now performs the PCI masking functions
required to hide devices dedicated to a specific domain (other than domain
0).  Is this the case?

Also, in Xen 2 the hypervisor had knowledge of which devices were assigned
to what domain.  Now there doesn't seem to be any notion of a "device" in
Xen-3.  How does the hypervisor assign/verify devices to non-dom-0

Thanks for your time,
David Carr

> On 1 Jun 2006, at 20:42, David Carr wrote:
>>    I'm porting some code from 2 to 3 that did some PCI configuration in
>> the hypervisor.  A lot of the Xen code that supported this seems to
>> have moved.  For example, in Xen 2 there was a header file
>> (xen/include/xen/pci.h) that defined the pci_dev struct and several
>> other things.  Where is that sort of code located now?
> Lots of platform initialisation and management has been moved to
> domain0. Xen itself no longer knows anything at all about PCI. Instead
> we use the domain0 guest OS's PCI subsystem unmodified.
>> What major Xen architectural changes should I be aware of?  I've read
>> the
>> developer presentations on the Xen website and checked the Wiki.  Is
>> there
>> other documentation?
> You've just bumped into one of the biggest ones. :-)
>   -- Keir
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