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[Xen-devel] Re: linux-2.6-xen et al

On Mon, 2006-06-05 at 09:08 -0700, Chris Wright wrote:

[ Nice chris explanation of the trees ]

> Juan's tree is quite close to linux-2.6.tip-xen.hg (of course with
> addition of fedora merges).

Basically, my tree is similar than linux-2.6.tip-xen.  They are supposed
to be the same, but _I_ really merge linux-2.6 & linux-2.6-xen daily,
because rawhide kernels are released with the git of the day :p

Tree is not published waiting for a machine with decent conection and
xen installed (should happenn soon).

> > This seems like a great approach (easier than using xen-unstable's
> > sparse tree) but before following Juan down this path, I'd like to
> > understand the intended purpose of these trees, who maintains them,
> > and ideally the mechanics of that maintenance.  For example,
> > linux-2.6-xen.hg seems to pull patches from xen-unstable, but it can't
> > be a direct pull because one is a xen tree, the other is a kernel
> > tree, so how is it done?
> Going from xen-unstable to linux-2.6-xen is largely scripted (although
> it needs human attention).  The rest of the merging is automated to the
> degree that SCM's can help, final bit of conflict resolution being
> manual, of course.

That is my understanding also :) Since I use linux-2.6-xen instead of
xen-unstable, my life has been way, way better :) Until now, I had the
previous unstable patch and the new one, and have to apply it, and look
for differences.  Now
        hg inccoming -p
Show me differences in changesets, and once that I merge anything, the
scm "remembers it, and I don't have to re-merge it again.

Later, Juan

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