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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] USB support

Donald D. Dugger wrote:
This patch backports the USB support from QEMU 0.8.1 to the current Xen
device model.  To support USB there are two new optional config lines
that can be added to the guest config file:

        This will enable USB without defining a specific USB device.
        This option is assumed and not needed if the `usbdevice' option
        is given.

        This will enable USB and also enable support for the given device.
        Currently, the only two devices are `mouse' (a PS/2 mouse) and
        `tablet' (an absolute pointing device).  The advantage of `tablet'
        is that Windows guests will automatically recognize and support this
        device so specifying the config line:


        will create a mouse that works transparently with Windows guests
        under VNC.  (Linux doesn't recognize the USB tablet yet so Linux
        guests under VNC will still need the Summagraphics emulation.)

Signed-off-by: Don Dugger <donald.d.dugger@xxxxxxxxx>

Why not just wait until the QEMU version is ported to the newest one?

BTW, you want to grab evtouch for USB tablet support under Linux. I also have a patch which will be in the next version of evtouch that adds mouse wheel and 3rd button support to evtouch.

You're also missing another patch I posted to qemu-devel that fixes a strange SDL capture problem with relative mouse mode that Fabrice hasn't picked up yet. I'd really suggest moving all of QEMU up because this the USB emulation is under development still so you'll have to be doing an awful lot of back porting.

The newest versions of Xorg will just work (with evdev).




Anthony Liguori

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