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Re: [Xen-devel] balloon question

>But I think it's prefereable to take the following loop from 
>i386/mm/init-xen.c and put it in x86/64's mem_init() somewhere:
>  for (i = ...->nr_pages; i < max_pfn; i++) {
>      ClearPageReserved(...);
>      set_page_count(..., 1);
>   }

Did you deliberately leave out the increment of totalram_pages that is in
i386's respective loop? I have to admit that I can't see why i386 is doing
that, but for symmetry I added it to x86-64's loop, too (balloon_init()
re-writes the variable anyway).

>That'll allow any architecture to reserve stuff beyond ->nr_pages 
>without breaking the balloon driver. Could you try adding the above 
>code and see how it works out?

Works out as expected (i.e. balloon now contains all the extra pages).
Patch attached.


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