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Re: [Xen-devel] access shared_info?

* Keir Fraser (Keir.Fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> If you're looking to unify with your previous e820-faking patch: you 
> can't. One is created before max_pfn is known (and is used by default 
> to work out what max_pfn should be). The one you added depends on 
> knowing max_pfn.

I don't think that's an issue.  The max_pfn is calculated from the first
e820 map, but it's already been truncated by command line.  So by the
time we get to setting up iomem (and the kernel code and data that Gerd
is after), the e820 map has a final E820_RAM mapping that ends at
max_pfn.  I suspect the end result in /proc/iomem would be the same.


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