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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/3] Add support for XML-RPC over SSH

The following set of patches add support to Xend and xm for XML-RPC over SSH. These patches are small and pretty self-contained so they shouldn't hinder the introduction of XML-RPC over HTTPS. There are a number of good reasons to support XML-RPC over SSH. It requires no additional open ports simplifying firewall configuration. There's no additional server configuration (or certificate creation). It also is rather easy to support from a client perspective.

I've tested this series with xm-test and there are no new unexpected failures[1]. The xm-test runs were done with both the httpu protocol and the ssh protocol.

This series assumes the application of the XML-RPC Keep-Alive patch I previously posted.

[1] One of the non-root tests unexpectedly passed since the user I was running authenticated over ssh as root.


Anthony Liguori

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