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Re: [Xen-devel] bug: Cannot create vbd / cannot create vif

On Fri, Jun 09, 2006 at 11:06:12AM -0400, Eric Windisch wrote:

> Last week, I mentioned an error to xen-users an error I was receiving, 
> relevant description provided below.  I've seen several mailing list 
> posts  describing a similar problem as far back as December, 2005.  This 
> seems to be a problem plaguing all Xen 3 releases (to date).
> >
> >The error I receive is (approximately) '(vif) could not be 
> >connected'.  If I comment the 'vif=' line in the domain's 
> >configuration, I then receive '(vbd) could not be connected'.  Both 
> >messages were also followed by "Hotplug scripts not working."  (I am 
> >using udev)
> Upon review, I'm pretty certain the problem is happening when a new 
> domain is created that is specifying a MAC address identical to that 
> assigned to an existing guest domain.  When a new domain comes online 
> with the conflicting MAC address, Xen will rightfully refuse to create 
> the vif, and exits -- but it does NOT properly clean up.  After that 
> point, Xen will refuse to create ANY new guest domains, even  if 
> properly-configured.  The only way I am aware of to then create a new 
> domain is to reboot the iron.  I haven't yet found a workaround.
> Once the system has encountered this problem, I see several variables 
> within xenstore-ls associated with each of the domains which failed to 
> 'create'.  I manually removed the associated variable trees with 
> xenstore-rm, but I still wasn't able to create a new domain, again with 
> the message "(vdb) could not be connected".   Killing xenstored and 
> restarting xend did not help, nor did nuking xenstored's tdb file.

Please use xen-bugtool to collect your system's logs, and submit those -- I'll
take a look.



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