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[Xen-devel] Xen domU for OpenBSD/amd64 demo


you can now download a beta version of the OpenBSD/amd64 port for Xen at http://cancel.adviseo.net/Open-BSD

General notes:
- It's a beta, don't expect it to be fully stable. It stills crashes for time to time. Feel free to report backtraces and conditions. (I'm thinking of hosting a debug kernel image) - The network driver is included, but still buggy. Most notable bug is that network demons don't work, no sshd or ftpd for now :( - Arithmetic coprocessor support is still missing, so some programs may crash/hang
- It's an UP kernel. SMP is currently unsupported..

Kernel image (domU): http://cancel.adviseo.net/Open-BSD/bsd
3.9 default install image: http://cancel.adviseo.net/Open-BSD/disk (root password: "adviseo") Xen-unstable hypervisor image with required patches for OpenBSD: http://cancel.adviseo.net/Open-BSD/xen.gz

If you want to make your own image, you'll need to add the following:
- Xen block device node (/dev/xbd*): block dev, major 20
- Xen block device node (/dev/rxbd*): char dev, major 85
- Xen virtual console device (/dev/xencons0): char dev, major 84, minor 0
- Set the root fs entry in /etc/fstab according to your image (most likely /dev/xbd0a)
- Add '/dev/xencons0     0600    /dev/console' to /etc/ftab
- Add 'xencons0 "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"   vt220   on  secure' to /etc/ttys

Sources are available too:
Patches for OpenBSD 3.9 release kernel sources: http://cancel.adviseo.net/Open-BSD/amd64-xen.patch.gz (use the XENU config file in arch/amd64/conf) Full OpenBSD 3.9 release kernel sources with Xen pacthes: http://cancel.adviseo.net/Open-BSD/sys-amd64-xen.tar.gz Patches for Xen-unstable sources: http://cancel.adviseo.net/Open-BSD/xen-patches.tar.gz (make sure it's compiled with -DNDEBUG, else BSD won't work)

Have fun!


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