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Re: [Xen-devel] Powernow-k8 support

On 14 Jun 2006, at 22:43, Langsdorf, Mark wrote:

Should I (as the powernow-k8 maintainer) be modifying this
code as we add new features?  Most of it looks pretty safe,
but the new 2.00.00 driver uses different MSRs, and there
are other things coming up that will confuse things.

One thing I'm a bit undecided on is whether MSR emulation is the right way to go, or whether we should just pull the low-level cpufreq drivers verbatim into Xen and then provide access to them via hypercalls. We could then have a paravirtual cpufreq driver added to Linux. This has the advantage that we have less new per-cpu-type code to maintain in Xen (we can more easily sync with cpufreq changes in Linux) but it does mean we change more Linux code and we'd want to be a bit careful not to make the hypercall interface too Linux specific (or too x86 specific).

 -- Keir

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