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[Xen-users] Re: [Xen-devel] Hi,something about the xentrace tool

> If you encounter a situation where trace records are being generated
> fast, and fill up the trace buffer too quickly, then the simple next
> step is to increase the size of the trace buffers. So far, use of the
> trace records has not been linked to anything so critical that it's
> necessary to take extraordinary measures to avoid loss of data.
> Rob
as xentrace can be used as the performance tracing and debugging tool.
you mean when transfer the large amounts of data from kernel space to the user space,xentrace use its own mechanisms to relay the data and balance the transfer speed.And we can enlarge the buffer size if we want to save more tracing raw data.
so,dose this mechanisms will effect the system performance evidently?as we know ,copy huge raw data from kernel space to user space will exhaust so much efficiency and system resource.
How about make use of relayfs? It is some kind of standardization of the way in which large amounts of data are transferred from kernel space to user space.
Anyway,it is just a piece of idea.

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