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[Xen-devel] XenStore permissions from kernel space

I've been working on a kernel module that shares some pages between to domUs. In the course of doing this I had the need to communicate information via XenStore (e.g., the grant references), but for a number of reasons did not want to use the full XenBus registration/probe/hotplug...system (it is too dynamic, and requires a kick off event from dom0 rather than allowing self organizing shares between domUs).

I established that the only thing preventing my setup of domA writing to a node in XenStore and domB reading it was the lack of the xs_get/set_permissions function in the kernel level xenbus/xenstore interface. So I ported those
functions down from the userland xenstore libraries.

I expect that others may appreciate the ability to set XenStore perms from kernel space, so here's a patch.

-J. Aaron pendergrass

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