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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Add dm-userspace to the Xen kernel

I think dm-userspace is great, but I don't think it belongs in patches/. To quote Chris W.:

"Good things there are bits that are ready to go upstream or fixes to base Linux that are transient by version (backport of a fix that's in the -rc for the next kernel or somesuch)."

Until this ends up in -mm, I really don't think we should add this to the -xen tree as it has no dependence on Xen. We should be good members of the kernel community here and go through the normal channels. At any rate, I would think that you would want it to be useful first before adding it which means bringing in all of the tools into the tree.

If a user already has to fetch a bunch of tools and compile from source, adding an additional patch to the Xen build isn't so bad.


Anthony Liguori

Dan Smith wrote:

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