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[Xen-devel] Fwd: Xen scheduler

I had sent the following email to Kier and Ian earlier today. I think
this issue is important enough to have a wider discussion on this
K. Y

>>> On Fri, Jun 16, 2006 at  3:23 PM, in message
Ky Srinivasan wrote: 
> Kier, 
> In trying to narrow down the cause for domu's timeout problems, it
> like we have a more serious problem in the xen scheduler. If you have
> load on dom0, all other domains get severely starved. A simple way to
> this is to have a process in an infinite loop on dom0 (for best
results have 
> as many instances of this process running as the number of physical
CPUs on 
> the box). With this load on dom0, all other domains will get little
or no cpu 
> time. 
> Looking at the sedf code, it looks like the default values do give a
lot of 
> preference to dom0. What is the implication of setting domu's
> parameters comparable to what dom0 gets. When I set domu's period and
> values to what dom0 has, domu is getting a reasonable share of the
> Regards, 
> K. Y

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