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[Xen-users] OOM killer problem


I seem to the oom killer problem which is similler at the case of slower

My environment is x86, -unstable and using physical partition as VM disk.
Start up Four VM, and take them high I/O load by dd program.
 ex. dd if=/dev/null of=/tmp/filename bs=1M count=4096.

Therefore, some VM kill many deamon by oom-killer, and
return to login console without some deamon.

In the case of less than three VM, this problem are not observed only a few.
And in the case of using image files as VM disk (by loop device), too.
 (In loop device environment, seven VM is processed.)

In my examination, vbd thread became often OO-states.
So, I think that this cause is that I/O request is not processed faster. 
This problem is found in the case file systems is slower by some Web page.

Truth cause of this problem may be not in Xen, but so may be in Linux.
However, I report here.
If Truth cause is in Linux, this situation is not observed in Linux, but is
in VM on Xen.
So, It may be need to resolve at Xen by inproving I/O model

Satoshi UCHIDA

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