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Re: [Xen-devel][Patch] MTRR virtualization

On 19 Jun 2006, at 08:18, Dong, Eddie wrote:

Add MTRR virtualization to set right memory type for direct IO space.
Otherwise setting "WB" for memory backed RAM space.

Two things:
1. What is this for? I don't understand the higher-level purpose of this MTRR support, since HVM guests don't currently do direct I/O. 2. MTRR MSRs are architectural -- the big blob of support you've added for those belongs in an hvm-generic file. In general I think we need common msr read/write functions for dealing with non-processor-specific MSRs. There's way too much almost-identical or actually-identical vmx and svm-specific code right now.

 -- Keir

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