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Re: [Xen-devel] Testing status of fully virtualized guests (Intel VT) on 64bit XEN unstable

No. You might have to do binary search on recent changesets to work out which one introduces the problem.

 -- Keir

On 20 Jun 2006, at 22:28, Ed Smith wrote:

I replaced the 3 scripts that were updated with older versions and the guest network still fails to come up.
Any ideas?


Keir Fraser wrote:
On 20 Jun 2006, at 09:59, Ed Smith wrote:
Changeset 10449
- NEW: Guest networks fail to come up, netdev=eth1 (see failure.12)
I'm suspicious of changeset 10430 since it's the only one that has changed the networking scripts in the past week. Any opinion on this, Gerd?
 -- Keir

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