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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/3] Output Virtual Block Device requests information to /proc/xen/vbd


>> The first line shows domain information.
>>      Detail: Domain [Domain ID] - oo [oo-reqs] rd  [rd-reqs] wr
>Cool! But what is the "oo" and "oo-reqs" in the above line?

The oo-reqs is counted up in the case that request is blocked for no pending
queues in blkback.
BUt, I don't know that what does OO stand for.

If oo-req counts up huge amount in short time, so it means that I/O request
is very high load.
Namely, I/O performance of devices will not do I/O requests of VMs(DomUs).

If oo-req is not increased, so it means that I/O performance is enough for
I/O reuests of VMs(DomUs).

Satoshi UCHIDA

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