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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCHl] localtime basis for paravirtualized guests

On 21 Jun 2006, at 16:49, Keir Fraser wrote:

- this is a different mechanism than the one used to set time offsets for fully virtualized guests. At the lowest levels, this is probably difficult to avoid.  Higher up, though, it would be nice if this type of capability didn't look/act and be controlled differently.  The differences between fully and para virtualized systems should disappear the higher into the control logic you go.  Were you able to give any thought on how to merge the models ?

The 'support' for full-virt guests is *only* a qemu patch right now. No tools integration at all. Integration would have to be in xend, as it is xend which kicks off the qemu-dm process for HVM guests. Setting the 'timeoffset' based on the localtime config option wouldn't be very hard, and would unify that new option across PV and HVM guests. Patches welcome (and moving the logic to work out what the time offset should be from xc.c into xend itself would be nice).

Also, RTC emulation really belongs in Xen anyway, so it'll be possible to unify at the dom0_op level at that point.

 -- Keir

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