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Re: [Xen-devel] Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10470: broken

Can ya'll try out the following patch? It seems to solve the problem for me.

Have not run it through xm-test yet though.


Anthony Liguori

Nakajima, Jun wrote:
Yes, we are observing the same problem. Our team is saying it would work
if the changeset 10454 "Add support to Xend XML-RPC server for HTTP/1.1
Keep-Alive" is backed out.

Looks like the newly created HVM guest is placed into the pause state.
If we do xm unpause, it starts running.

Intel Open Source Technology Center
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Subject: [Xen-devel] Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10470: broken

Hardware:  x460

- 32bit and 64bit dom0 boots fine.
- 32bit and 64bit hvm guests do not boot at all. the get in a pause
- dom0 crashes when I issue the following command "xm destroy <id>"
- no error messages are displayed with "xm dmesg" or "dmesg" on dom0.

I need to hookup a console to get debug information.

Investigation further.

Rick Gonzalez
Linux Technology Center
IBM Corporation
Phone#: 512-838-0623

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# HG changeset patch
# User Anthony Liguori <anthony@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
# Node ID ddd4d7e3d79e8bf4999c820fdb5e003d31283d5f
# Parent  411a3c01bb40681731ad50fd3b8c5d7972baf36d
Make sure to explicitly close the connection if we're using HTTP/1.0.  This
shouldn't be needed but it appears to be necessary as the Python client
just does a wfile.read() instead of only reading the reported Content-Length.

Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <aliguori@xxxxxxxxxx>

diff -r 411a3c01bb40 -r ddd4d7e3d79e tools/python/xen/util/xmlrpclib2.py
--- a/tools/python/xen/util/xmlrpclib2.py       Tue Jun 20 18:51:46 2006 +0100
+++ b/tools/python/xen/util/xmlrpclib2.py       Wed Jun 21 16:47:48 2006 -0500
@@ -58,8 +58,6 @@ class XMLRPCRequestHandler(SimpleXMLRPCR
     #    propagate so that it shows up in the Xend debug logs
     # 2) we don't bother checking for a _dispatch function since we don't
     #    use one
-    # 3) we never shutdown the connection.  This appears to be a bug in
-    #    SimpleXMLRPCServer.py as it breaks HTTP Keep-Alive
     def do_POST(self):
         data = self.rfile.read(int(self.headers["content-length"]))
         rsp = self.server._marshaled_dispatch(data)
@@ -71,6 +69,8 @@ class XMLRPCRequestHandler(SimpleXMLRPCR
+        if self.close_connection == 1:
+            self.connection.shutdown(1)
 class HTTPUnixConnection(HTTPConnection):
     def connect(self):
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