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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] patch to buffer write ioreq

Keir Fraser wrote:
> Yes, we'd just move the whole lot of the logic. I'm not sure it's a
> good idea, but thought it worth suggesting.
OK, understand. Then it will be a lot of code movement.

> For example -- I know that qemu 'updates graphics' on a polling timer
> loop. Would we need to have that in Xen to produce the final linear
> frame buffer, or could the VGA device model easily keep the
> framebuffer up to date as it goes (ie., on every mmio or port write)?

I may understand mistakely, I am not clear how Xen can manipulate 
HW frame buffer. It is under control of X-Windows or VNC server.

> If the former, it's not very attractive to put in Xen, but equally it
> would be nice to get rid of the polling loop whatever we end up
> doing. I'm unclear whether the polling is just for SDL/VNC updates.
>   -- Keir

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