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[Xen-users] RE: [Xen-devel] need to compile 32bit on x86_64 cpu

I tried using
"setarch i386 bash"
"make clean dist"
It's still compiling, but it looks like it might work...
[You may need to install setarch on your machine, as some machines don't have it installed as default. setarch allows the machine to set a flag so that when something like uname is asking "What processor is this" the answer will be "i686" instead of "x86_64", and thus tools that use for example "uname -m" to find the CPU type, will figure that it's a 32-bit processor instead of 64-bit.
However, you may need to have certain libraries and other tools installed on the machine to build 32-bit binaries.

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Anyone has any other ideas on how to do this ?


Anand Gupta
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