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[Xen-devel] Port already in use (was: Using Debian packages)

Hallo developers!

- Problem:
  - After the update on xen-3.0-testing-src-060428.tgz the computer does not
    bootet more (hangs with /etc/init.d/xend start)

- Cause:
  - Port 8000 Address already in use

- Details:
  - see
    Script "check port-configuration" and "change xen-port-configuration"
    in http://www2.fh-lausitz.de/launic/os-tips/xen/060207.prob_xend_start

I have this problem already to 2. Times.
After approx.. 3 hours intensive search remember me the error again.

Solution: Add read xend-port from /etc/services please.

regards Torsten

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