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Re: [Xen-devel] New CPU scheduler w/ SMP load balancer

On Fri, Jun 23, 2006 at 03:19:02PM +0530, Anand Gupta wrote:
>    Is the scheduler now default in the latest unstable ? How do i check which
>    is the scheduler ?

Yes, it is now the default scheduler as of changeset a31f3bff4f76.
One way is to check the Xen boot console output:
xm dmesg | grep "Using scheduler:"

>From the console, the 'r' debug key prints runq info and will
also let you know which scheduler is running.

xm sched-credit commands will only work if the credit scheduler
is running.

In addition, there's a hypercall which you can ahold of via
xc_sched_id which returns an integer scheduler id defined in
sched_ctl.h (SCHED_CREDIT is 5).

>      xm csched -d <domain>                   lists weight and cap
>      xm csched -d <domain> -w <weight>       sets the weight
>      xm csched -d <domain> -c <cap>          sets the cap
>    I tried xm csched and it gave me errors:
>    Error: Sub Command csched not found!
>    However xm sched-credit does seem to work. Was this changed ?

Yeah. I think Keir changed this shortly after I sent the mail.
We have sched-sedf and sched-bvt commands so it made sense to
call this sched-credit. Sorry for the confusion.

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