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[Xen-devel] FW: Is it a correct place for VBD information?

 A little while ago, I send modified VBD information patch.

However, I does not sit well with location.
I does not find statistical information under 'device' directory, and see them 
under 'class' directory for vif. (/sys/class/net) But, there are not 
appropriate location. (/sys/class/vbd or /sys/class/block)

Is it a correct place for such type of information?
Is it necessary to make symbolic links to other places?
Where is appropriate place?
Please comment.

I think that it is good to handle such information at one partial tree for 
My idea is to take a kind of following structure for store such information.

   sys -- class -- xen --+-- domain0 --- balloon ( symlink to 
/sys/class/mem/balloon ?)
                                +-- domain1 --+-- vbd --+-- 
                                                     |            |
                                                     |            +-- total 
information file.
                                                    +-- vif -- 
Please comment.

Satoshi UCHIDA.

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