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Re: [Xen-devel] balloon.py unaware of pages on page_scrub_list


Attached is a patch that makes the ballooning logic in xend aware of
pages that are on the page scrub list.  This fixes the case where
crashing/restarting a domain can cause dom0 to balloon more than

I changed the physinfo dictionary in Python to be in KiB, rather than
MiB, to avoid accumulating ugly rounding errors.  I tried to avoid
changing units anywhere else.

The patch is against xen-unstable.  It applies and works against
xen-3.0-testing also (in fact that's where I did most of my testing) but
I don't know if you want to apply it there.  I changed the dom0_physinfo
in a non-backwards-compatible way.  Looked nicer to me to group the
*_pages fields together, but that's probably not something you'd want to
do in 3.0.2...  your call.


Signed-off-by: Charles Coffing <ccoffing@xxxxxxxxxx>

On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at  1:20 AM, Keir Fraser
<Keir.Fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> On 19 Jun 2006, at 23:15, Charles Coffing wrote:
>> Would it make sense to give this information to balloon.py, and
>> some heuristics?  Perhaps xend should wait for the scrub list to go
>> zero before trying to balloon.  Or maybe it should consider that 
>> memory as free, and only try to balloon (needed -  to_scrub).
>> The most obvious way (to me) to get that information to xend is via

>> DOM0_PHYSINFO.  That way, the number of free pages and the number of

>> pages to scrub can be gotten atomically.
>> Thoughts?
>> I volunteer to code and test this if there's some agreement on how
>> should be done.
> Your approach sounds fine to me.
>   --  Keir
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