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Re: [Xen-devel] Accessing Xen on remote machine

On Sun, Jun 25, 2006 at 11:39:35PM -0700, jd sw wrote:

> Hi
>    What do I need to do to access Xen on a remote machine ? Currently my
> program is using the 'server' object from the XendClient.py.
>    There seems to be http, unix, tcp-xmlrpc, unix-xmlrpc servers. When
> should each one of them be enabled/used. What port do they listen to ?

http and unix are s-expressions or HTML pages over HTTP/TCP or HTTP over Unix
domain sockets respectively.  These are deprecated.

tcp-xmlrpc and unix-xmlrpc is XML-RPC over HTTP/TCP or HTTP/Unix
respectively.  These are what you want to use.  You can:

a) use unix-xmlrpc, with Anthony Liguori's recent patch to transparently SSH
   into your local machine and issue commands to the Unix socket.  This uses
   your SSH authentication scheme.  See xm serve for details.

b) enable and use tcp-xmlrpc, using the attached patch.  This will listen on
   port 8005, and will use no authentication / encryption at all (SSL support
   is planned).  Only use this on a secure network, obviously.

> Also, relocation server uses which protocol. I would really appreciate if
> someone can point me to some document/details.

It's a proprietary protocol -- a small handshake and exchange of VM config,
and then a dump of all the pages in memory.  You'll have to dig into the code
for details -- tools/python/xen/xend/{XendCheckpoint,XendDomainInfo}.py and
tools/libxc/xc_linux_save.c should start you off.


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