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[Xen-devel] xen test cd doesn't boot on thinkpad t60

This might be a bug report, but I ask here before I add a bug to bugzilla:

When trying to boot the xen test cd, to give you a report of the
functionality of my new thinkpad T60, I experience this cd doesn't even
boot on the T60.

It stops at the grub boot saying "loading stage2", never doing anything
else anymore.

Burned the iso multiple times, it  boots on other machines, only no on
this one.

This could be the reason why there is still no single report that xen
runs on the new/any thinkpads.

As it still is problematic to find which hardware can be used with xen,
I think this is a major problem and should be fixed. Sorry for not
having an idea on how this could be fixed. I can only tell you, that the
demo cd starts very well on the same machine.

Let me know if you have a newer version of the test cd (got the newest
one from the download location 3.0-2), I will test it then.


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