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Re: [Xen-devel] [0/5] [NET]: Add TSO support

On 27 Jun 2006, at 13:02, Herbert Xu wrote:

Comparison with base line and jumbo MTU:

baseline:       1228.08Mb/s
mtu=16436:      3097.49Mb/s
TSO:            3208.41Mb/s
mtu=60040:      3869.36Mb/s

lo(16436):      5543.91Mb/s
lo(60040):      8544.08Mb/s

Do you have any numbers for transmit to external host? It'd be particularly interesting to see how you improve CPU overheads of domain0 and domainU (since throughput isn't usually much less than native anyway, but CPU overhead can be significantly higher).

Comments on the patches:
1. Can you make two separate patches in the patches/ directory -- one for the stuff already accepted upstream and a separate one for the stuff that is not yet accepted. Prefix the patch files with numbers to make sure they get applied in the right order. 2. As well as the patches you provide, some generic Linux files are modified in the sparse tree because we already modify them there. Can you please also place a copy of your changes inside your patches/ files. This will make it easier for us to forward port to 2.6.18 as we can see which changes in the sparse tree actually correspond to the generic GSO changes. 3. Can you give brief documentation, or even just send a an email explaining, how you change the interdomain protocol to add GSO? 4. The change to make_tx_response() prototype in netback you could send us as a separate patch. It would make the real GSO changes to netback smaller and clearer.


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