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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH][HVM] Removing 1:1 mapping from qemu-dm

On 28 Jun 2006, at 08:13, Nakajima, Jun wrote:

The patch removes the 1:1 mapping against HVM guests from qemu-dm,
allowing to have bigger guests than qemu-dm. This is also the first step
for enabling balloning with HVM guests.

It sets up mapping dynamically, and thus it can cause some latency for
I/O operations for HVM guests. I don't see visible latency yet, but I
think we need to tune the hashing size.

What do all the shadow-mode changes do? I see you add an extra writable-mapping refcount to tlbflush_timestamp (only 4 bits) -- why is that needed?

 -- Keir

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