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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] build: clean up kclean and distclean for kernel

* Don't delete non-existent %.tar.bz2 in buildconfigs/Rules.mk's %-mrproper
* Add a mrpropper target to buildconfigs/mk.linux-2.6-xen, and
  have this delete the local patch and tarball
* Make distclean depend on kdekete, rather than calling delete target by
* Stop kclean from erroring out if the kernel directory doesn't exist
* Remove patches/*/.makedep in top level Makefile rather than in
  buildconfigs/Rules.mk, as calling rules in the latter causes
  patches/*/.make to be created (Magnus)

Signed-Off-By: Magnus Damm <magnus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Signed-Off-By: Horms <horms@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

--- from-0001/Makefile
+++ to-work/Makefile    2006-06-28 10:54:02.000000000 +0900
@@ -123,13 +123,13 @@ clean:: 
 # clean, but blow away kernel build tree plus tarballs
 .PHONY: distclean
+distclean: kdelete
        $(MAKE) -C xen distclean
        $(MAKE) -C tools distclean
        $(MAKE) -C docs distclean
        rm -rf dist patches/tmp
-       for i in $(ALLKERNELS) ; do $(MAKE) $$i-delete ; done
        for i in $(ALLSPARSETREES) ; do $(MAKE) $$i-mrproper ; done
+       rm -rf patches/*/.makedep
 # Linux name for GNU distclean
 .PHONY: mrproper
--- from-0001/buildconfigs/Rules.mk
+++ to-work/buildconfigs/Rules.mk       2006-06-28 10:47:15.000000000 +0900
@@ -59,10 +59,6 @@ ifneq ($(PATCHDIRS),)
 $(patsubst patches/%,patches/%/.makedep,$(PATCHDIRS)): patches/%/.makedep: 
        @echo 'ref-$*/.valid-ref: $$(wildcard patches/$*/*.patch)' >$@
-.PHONY: clean
-       rm -f patches/*/.makedep
 ref-%/.valid-ref: pristine-%/.valid-pristine
        set -e
        rm -rf $(@D)
@@ -111,7 +107,8 @@ linux-2.6-xen.patch: ref-linux-$(LINUX_V
        rm -rf tmp-$@
-       rm -rf pristine-$(*)* ref-$(*)* $*.tar.bz2
+       $(MAKE) -f buildconfigs/mk.$*-xen mrpropper
+       rm -rf pristine-$(*)* ref-$(*)*
        rm -rf $*-xen.patch
 .PHONY: config-update-pae
--- from-0001/buildconfigs/mk.linux-2.6-xen
+++ to-work/buildconfigs/mk.linux-2.6-xen       2006-06-28 10:47:15.000000000 
@@ -47,8 +47,14 @@ config: $(LINUX_DIR)/include/linux/autoc
 .PHONY: clean
-       $(MAKE) -C $(LINUX_DIR) ARCH=$(LINUX_ARCH) clean
+       [ ! -d $(LINUX_DIR) ] || \
+               $(MAKE) -C $(LINUX_DIR) ARCH=$(LINUX_ARCH) clean
 .PHONY: delete
        rm -rf tmp-linux-$(LINUX_VER) $(LINUX_DIR) 
+.PHONY: mrpropper
+       rm -f $(LINUX_SRCS)

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