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Re: [Xen-devel] Where can I find some tutorial or manual on how to use xenstore?

Can I just confirm what your proposal is:

Add a generic device config to the xm config file that would contain the driver id, virtual device, physical device ..... Add a generic device handler to xend that would pass the unparsed generic config through to xenstore. Add a hotplug script that would parse the unparsed config in xenstore and start the driver.
When saving a domain, xend would save the generic device config.
xend would call restore for the generic devices.

If  that's correct, I'll find some time to investigate how this could done.

Yes, that's it.  It sounds like something that would be very useful.



I can't promise that I'll get onto this straightaway, but if we're going to go ahead with a new driver, we'll have to have some way of dealing with save/restore and migration. This looks like a way to solve the problem.



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