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[Xen-devel] how to assign cpu?

Control panel already has mechanism to assign cpus for vcpus.
But it's no enough in MT/HT environment,

I have following concerns.
If xen0 is running on a LP, then vcpus from other domain should not run on the 
other LP on the same core,
Assigning two cpus from same core or from different core to a domain may have
different performance. This depends on actual situation.
and so on.

There are three methods to handle this.
1. Implement algorithm inside xen to assign cpus for domain, algorithm can 
   handle all kinds of situation .
2. Let control panel see the physical cpus core/sibling information, and we can
   manually assign cpus through control panel.
3. Implement both, and the latter overwrites the former, so the former 
   can be simple

What's your opinion?


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