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[Xen-devel] Xen bug 647: Creation of Mini-OS domain causes certain xm commands to hang

Dear Aravindh,

Did you or anyone else on the Xen distribution list make any progress
with bug 647: "Creation of Mini-OS domain causes certain xm commands to

I am getting exactly the same fault with changeset 10508:1da8f53ce65b
when trying to run mini-OS.  I have tried to trace exactly what the
Python code in xend is doing, but I am not a Python expert, and I am not
convinced that what I am seeing makes sense.  

After starting mini-OS and running "xm list" it seems as if the function
"domains" in XMLRPCServer.py is entered, but never returns.




<Melvin.Anderson@xxxxxx>, HPLabs, Bristol.

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