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RE: [Xen-devel] xenoprof passive profiling and "mode" setting

>guest_kernel_mode() does not work for HVM guests. It may need to be
>fixed -- it had previously only been used in paravirtual-only contexts.
>It might make sense to invert[*] the predicate and rename to
>user_mode(). Then definition is simply ring_3(regs) for x86/32 and
>(ring_3(regs) && !((v)->arch.flags & TF_kernel_mode)) for x86/64.
>So maybe:
>   int mode = 2;
>   if (guest_mode(regs))
>       mode = user_mode(current, regs) ? 0 : 1;
Yes, this is a better solution for sure, to take both para-domain and
hvm into account. 
But it's not a problem for now:) _mode_ logic only applies to active
domiain. Oprofile doesn't use it for samples between PASSIVE_START_CODE
and PASSIVE_STOP_CODE. Rather it relies on PC range to distinguish
xen/kernel/app samples. 


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