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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] Xenoprof passive domain support fixes

These patches provide some fixes for xenoprof passive domain support.

Currently, passive domain samples are being assigned to the wrong kernel
This patch fixes this problem. In addition the patch changes the
encoding of domain switch ESCAPE codes (marks used to separate samples
in oprofile  buffers associated with different domains). Instead of
using 2 codes, one  for START and one for END of passive domain samples,
a single escape CODE value is used to indicate a domain switch (no need
for a STOP followed by a START). Finally there some other minor style

Note that these changes affect both the kernel and oprofile tools. 
The attached oprofile patch is against oprofile 0.8.2, since this was
the version used by the original Xiaowei patch. I will port the passive
domain support modifications to the latest oprofile 0.9.1 and post it as
soon as I have it.

Keir, please, apply the kernel patch to xen-unstable.



Signed-off-by: Jose Renato Santos <jsantos@xxxxxxxxxx>

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Description: oprofile_0.8.2_passive_fixes.patch

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