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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/6] xen,xend,tools: NUMA support for Xen

On 11 Jul 2006, at 16:35, Ryan Harper wrote:

Reposting the latest patches, no significant changes since May when I
last received feedback.  I've done some simple overhead and performance
numbers for these patches.

Measuring NUMA allocator patch overhead via balloon driver and DOM0
involved starting DOM0 with all memory (4G) and ballooning down (256M)
as a starting point, [1]tracking the time it takes to balloon back up
to full memory.  The test was done with and without NUMA patches.

What sort of box are these numbers taken from? If it's not a NUMA system then the slowdowns are rather poor. We're particularly interested in not slowing down non-NUMA and small-NUMA (e.g., AMD K8) x86 systems. They are what we really want to see measurements from.

 -- Keir

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