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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] [1/4] put xen console message into syslogbutxm dmesg is not affected

Hi Keir,

On 12 Jul 2006, at 12:07 am, Keir Fraser said:
> > - I think that Xen would return index position of "last" byte
> >   returned, not first byte.
> Seems less natural to me, but we could do it either way. Clearly first
> can be computed from last, and vice versa.
> Also, keeping the facility to clear the console buffer seems sensible
> (so that 'xm dmesg' can continue to support the normal Linux dmesg -c
> option) -- but having a separate clear_console_ring dom0_op for that
> would be cleaner.

Thanks for your advice.
If Xen return the index of the 'first' byte, it seems to return
the same value when an out-of-range index is specified.
But in out-of-range case, Xen give the caller no console message.
I understood that the Xen interface became simple than returning
the 'last' byte.

Best regards,
Katsuhito Minai

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