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RE: [Xen-devel] RE: [PATCH] Xenoprof passive domain support fixes

Attached patch is what we have been using internally to allow HVM guest
profiling on 64bit hv with 32bit hvm guest. Code generated by Rosimildo.
This patch is experimental and not ready for inclusion into any repo,
but might help with the next set of patches for xenoprofile support.
This patch has oprofile, SVM, VT and HVM modifications all rolled into
one inclusive patch file. For SVM, if you modify opd_kernel.c image
start/end addresses in oprofile 0.9.1 then 64bit samples seem to work.
VT does not seem to work with attached patch, but we haven't spent time
debugging why.
1) move SVM global interrupt to vmexit handler
2) add VGCF_hvm_guest_nmi flag to guest context to distinguish nmi
occuring in guest rather than in host
3) oprofile model files modified to use the new VGCF_hvm_guest_nmi flag
to determine a bit more properly the mode


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