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Re: [Xen-devel] Bug report - Unable to install Windows XP on domU

Keir wrote:

You shouldn't specify ARCH=xen. 'make oldconfig' should suffice -- I'm not sure even that is required with 2.6 kernels.

Apologies for breaking the threading here, but my mail client ate the original message.

I have tried just putting the .config into that location, but this results in a kernel that will not boot my machine. This implies (to me) that the .config is not being picked up at all.

Also, who do I contact about getting the document at http:// tx.downloads.xensource.com/downloads/docs/user/ rectified if this step is not necessary ?

Lastly, can anyone please point me to a current, up-to-date document that discusses how to build unstable Xen from mercurial. Anything specific to FC5 would be nice, but I'd be happy with just something that describes the kernel build process that leaves you with a working kernel AND xen installed :)

Thanks in advance,

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