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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/5] pciback: userspace PCI quirks & per-device permissive flag

Attached to the following emails are patches that give the PCI backend
finer control over quirky devices.  The patches should apply to
xen-unstable changeset 10711.  This is a follow-up submission to Ryan
Wilson's earlier per-device permissive flag patch. Each of the following
emails will contain a description of the corresponding attachment.

The PCI backend allows PCI devices to be given to unprivileged domains.
Some of those PCI devices (such as the Broadcom Tigon 3) require write
access to their configuration space to work properly.  When encountering
such a device, Xen currently uses a global toggle to grant/deny all PCI
devices write access to their entire configuration space.

The goal of this patch set is to eliminate unnecessary privilege by
controlling the PCI device(s) that have write access and also which
configuration space registers they are allowed to write.  This is
accomplished by the per-device permissive flag patch previously
submitted by Ryan and also two policy files in user-space that control
write access to configuration space registers for each quirky device.

The intended patch application order is (as sent):
1. pciback-uspace-quirks-linux.patch
2. pciback-per-device-permissive-flags.patch
3. pciback-uspace-quirks-xend.patch
4. pciback-uspace-quirks-policy.patch
5. pciback-uspace-quirks-doc.patch

I've done testing on the two tg3 devices that I have and It Works For
Me. Let me know if any of you have other devices that need additional

Signed-off-by: Chris Bookholt <hap10@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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