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[Xen-devel] Fwd: Linux bridging + bonding problem

I have the following architecture (see layout.png) attachment :

(bond0 is in active-backup mode, which allows packets to be received on both

And it presents a serious issue (see problempacket.png) :

The problem is the switches mac table after packet 6 has been received. At
that point, the mac address table will contain an entry for the src address
of the ARP packet, pointing to bond0. Obviously that entry needs to point to
vif1.0 in order for the domu to be able to receive any traffic.

What can I do about this ? (Mind you, just adding the two ethernet interfaces 
to the bridge is not an option as linux does not support any reasonable stp 
mode (that would be mst).


Christophe Devriese

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