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Re: [Xen-devel] New Device Model?

There were some discussion about new device model for replacing the

Is there any roadmap for that? or working going on in that area which
can be pointed?

Intel was trying to implement live migrate (and suspend/resume) for HVM guests a while back. A new version of ioemu is now in tree, using the latest version of QEmu. For the forseeable future, it looks like Qemu will be the basis for device emulation. There are plans to move the ioemu functionality into paravirtualised stub domains, each serving one HVM guest, but this hasn't happened yet (or indeed really begun AFAIK).

Or do we have to use the paravirtualized drivers on fully virtualized

Those are also available (in development, anyhow) but the intent is to enhance the ioemu stuff too so that it has higher performance, supports migration, etc, etc.


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