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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH] VNC enhancement in new qemu-dm

Are you sure you want to expose the monitor interface via VNC?  Most of
the commands aren't functional for Xen.  It also exposes an asymmetry
between VT domains and PV domains with a framebuffer.

For debugging purposes, it would seem easier to just start with -monitor
pty and have something akin to xm console to connect to the monitor's pty.

In fact, the monitor may make more sense as the default target of xm

Right now, xm console goes to ttyS0 but presumably a user would want to be
able to connect to any of the four virtual serial ports.  Perhaps all four
should be stored in xenstore and a new xm command should be introduced?


Anthony Liguori

On Tue, 25 Jul 2006 13:41:38 +0800, Yang, Xiaowei wrote:

> Keir,
> Qemu 0.8.1 uses a written-from-scratch VNC implementation, which lacks
> of some original features. One thing is that it doesn't recognize
> ctrl+alt+1/2/3 to switch among screens. Another issue is VNC client may
> reset color depth after connection, so if we don't re-calculate
> color_table, monitor/console's background is abnormal. I made a patch to
> add them. In addition, it sets VNC window title with domain-name.
> Thanks,
> Xiaowei
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