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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Minor fix to xentop to stop it dying when domains go away at the wrong time

On 14 Jul 2006, at 20:00, Graham, Simon wrote:

Currently, xentop exits with a failure if xenstat_get_node() returns
NULL - this can happen if a VM is deleted between the time
xenstat_get_node() gets the list of VMs and the time it attempts to
collect information about the VMs. This patch modifies xentop to simply
ignore a NULL return and loop around to try the call again.

Note that the patch supplied is against 3.0.testing although I think
unstable is basically the same.

Signed-off-by: Simon Graham Simon.Graham@xxxxxxxxxxx

libxenstat should be fixed so that xenstat_get_node() does not spuriously fail in this way. This could be done by getting the 'collectors' it calls to return better error info -- we can use EAGAIN to cause xenstat_get_node() to rerun itself from scratch rather than returning failure to the caller. Otherwise we're going to need to fix every user of libxenstat, which is stupid.

 -- Keir

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